Miraculin can satisfy the craving for sugar, without any side effects.

Regardless of whether you are on a strict diet, or eg. Diabetes does not allow to enjoy the pleasure of sweet elation, wonderful fruit solves these problems without side effects. Sweet cheat meal WITHOUT calories and remorse? Here and now

Is it possible to meet the needs of sweet, sour consuming sour food? How to experience the intense sweetness without calories guard? How, being neither Jesus Christ nor David Copperfield, change the perception of undesirable taste sour on the pleasant sensation of sweetness?

Clever nature was shrewdly solved the problematic content. The answer is contained in a tiny, red berry called synsepalum dulcificum – extremely accurately, the fruit of miracles. Several seconds of contact small amount of berries powder with sensitive tongue receptors treats up to 2 hour trip to unknown areas of sweetness. The only condition: the acid food intake. Taking into account the fact that fruit synsepalum dulcificum itself is not sweet this rule, at first glance, completely devoid of sense. How to explain that the consumption of tasteless with even more distasteful fruit produces an explosion of sweetness? The whole secret lies in the secret contained in the fruit miraculin.

Surface of the tongue is covered with lots of different receptors that detect taste from sweet to umami. Just as sugar and artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, miraculin binds to a sweet taste, but much more strongly. Spark of this chemical reaction are present in the acidic environment and  acids products which promote this conformation change glycoprotein to the taste receptors leading to increased sensitivity to such an extent that the signals are sent to the brain in an almost completely deaden tart. This effect persists for up to 90 minutes. This means,  that up to two hours You can consume a healthy, highly nutritious foods and regardless of their true taste experience feelings of sweetness.