Are You up to a stag party ? No ideas ? You don’t want another clichés night with striptease and massive hangover in the morning. Well, try something new.

Sit all at the table and explain how the miracle fruit works. It might be called LSD for the tongue, yet it is not a drug 🙂

Make sure that the guests know the flavors that will try – for example, not everyone knows the  Guinness stout …

Explain how to dissolve the pill, for maximum effect – the tablet should dissolve completely on the tongue, and each participant of the event should as far as possible to cover the entire area of the tongue. It works immediately and lasts for up to 2 hours – depending on the amount of food dishes, their temperature and individual sensitivity of taste buds.


Even if you prepare all guest for the expected effects of miraculin  – each of the party goers, and so will you be surprised by its action.

Prepare a lot of cups, spoons, so that each food can be consumed separately in small portions. It is not about eating it, just tasting and experiencing taste alteration effects.

You can perform blindfolded probing (even with tightened nose – so that the smell did not betray particular dishes) or openly show up what they eat.


Preparing for a total of 10 guests should take no longer than an hour.

Prepare a set of 13 dishes and serve them one after the other (experience suggests that this set guarantees a set WOWs):

  1. Sour cream / yogurt / buttermilk:


Show everyone what you consume – otherwise they’ll think they eat vanilla yogurt. The taste is amazing!

2. Guinness


serve in small glasses, so that a large amount of fluid would not quickly rinse the miraculin off the tongue. Frozen Guinness will taste like chocolate shake!

3. Lemon


If you have not convinced people yet – this point is a guarantee of popped eyes. Lemon will taste as sweet orange and anyone can easily cope with lemon, which was previously inedible expressionless face curvature. Guaranteed electrifying effect 🙂

4. Goat cheese


Taste like a sweet cheese cake

5. Tomatoes


Even people that don’t like tomatoes will not be able to resist the wave of sweetness, which will flood their taste buds

6. Tequilla


One shot, one kill – but lemony sweet…. BOOM !

TAKE A BREAK – Make sure that all your guests still feel the miraculin taste effect – if not give’em another tablet.


pineapple-310x249 url-3

This is probably something that none of the guests would have tried without miraculin (unless he/she is from Mexico). Share pineapple into chunks (preferably fresh fruit), stick at toothpicks.  Pour Tabasco into a bowl. Dip & EAT.

8. Shandy


The cheapest beer and quartered lemons will be fine here. Fill the glass halfway with beer and lemon juice. Sweet, refreshing  shandy – beer with lemonade should chill tabasco from the previous dish. Not too much – there will be time for that 🙂

9. Pickled Jalapeno Peppers


Get rid of some hotness than add some sweetness to it.

10. Grapefruit


The sweetest one they’ve ever tried in their lives.

11. Apple vinegar


The main point of the evening – served in small glasses – taste it like a wine (ie. sip it, it’s not a vodka ). Will taste like red Porto.

12. Onion


It will taste like a spicy green apple

13.The fruit plate


For all who wish to play on: pieces of lemon, pineapple, grapefruit, strawberries, surrounded with tabasco, sour cream.

14. Fizzy Soda with lemon


Taste buds refreshment.

Your friends should appreciate the efforts and new experience, which just happend 🙂

You can now consume the rest of alcohol 🙂