Sex is a real treat for the senses. The experience that we live in a bed not only bind to the touch. Pleasure can also reach the looking, tasting or smelling. Palette incentives that can act on our bodies pleasantly stimulating, is very wide and depends largely on our individual preferences. However, there are proven ways to make sex tastier. What?

The old adage „you are what you eat ‚has never lost at the news, and in the context of sex can be read literally as possible. Sperm quality is closely linked to diet and level of daily physical activity. However, these factors have an impact on other properties of the sperm, such as its smell, density, or even taste. Oral sex is not for everyone, of course. It all depends on personal taste and preferences in relation to how we like to derive pleasure in bed. Despite this, there is a percentage of women who would never dare to „fellatio”, because of the fear of contact with sperm. I guess there is nothing more unpleasant than the finale topped with a grimace on her face and her partner a quick escape to the toilet. Such adventures may forever deter playground oral, so it is worth to take care of, let’s call it, „hygiene semen.”

Ladies are not isolated here. For Men taste „at the bottom” also counts. The same bad habits affect the change in pH of the body and, consequently, unpleasant experience, which most frequently want to avoid.


Change your diet

This seems to be quite obvious, but it is not easy to do – because the diet change must be permanent in order to bring tangible results. It is essential to reduce the intake of fat meat. You need to eat regularly, and meals should include plenty of fruits and vegetables. The researchers clearly show that the negative effect on the taste and aroma of both the vagina and semen affect .: strong spices, garlic, onion, red meat, dairy, asparagus, and even broccoli. Before entrancing definitely worth it to give them up. All of the therein occurring alkaloids which disrupt the balance of a base-acid.

Quit addictions

Smoking and drinking alcohol not only has a negative impact on our external appearance and general health, but also bad influence on how we taste in the pubic area. It applies to both men and women. It is therefore absolutely forget about cigarettes. Although the „cigarette after sex” seems to be a pleasant ritual, it’s not. In fact, non-smokers upon lighting a cigarette having intercourse meet a rather unpleasant taste and breathlessness, which do not experience regular smokers – in contrast to the unpleasant odors practically all over the body, and in particular: the hands and mouth. Not only that, harmful compounds, which, in cigarettes is a whole lot, strengthen blood vessels and may be one of the causes of impotence.

Cigarettes are one of the biggest enemies of good sex. Slightly different with alcohol, which in small amounts can have a positive impact, among others, on the cardiovascular system. A glass of red wine will also be an effective aphrodisiac, which will increase our desire for sex. It must be very careful not to overdo it, because every body can react differently to the same dose of alcohol, and crossing the invisible border may lead to the fact that the bed will move awkwardly. If we want to influence the taste of sperm, but we should definitely avoid alcohol and instead drink plenty of water, which cleanses the body of toxins. Freshly squeezed fruit juices are refreshing, sweet alternative that will also improve „our taste” in bed.


Move more!

Regular physical activity is the first step to this, to increase its erotic possibilities. This applies both to the strength and quality of experience. Sex is more enjoyable when our bodies are well-kept, of course. Regular pouring sweats on a treadmill, cycling, running and gymnastics, promotes excretion of toxins from the body, which can also have a negative impact on our taste in bed.


One of the effective ways to „sweeten” the taste of semen is the regular consumption of sweet fruit, although not all work equally effectively. As it turns out, probably the best for this purpose will be pineapple. Warning! Eating pineapple just before intercourse did not make will taste better. To achieve the goal, the best start to eat it a few days earlier.

Oral solution ?

But unhealthy lifestyles, which in today’s rush is often inevitable to the exclusion of satisfaction with oral tasting?

Miraculin contained in the pulp miracle fruit, eliminates the unpleasant sensations associated with the acidification of the body and unwanted taste of the body caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. Miraculin is a solution that works immediately and does not require lengthy and arduous preparation and sacrifice. Simply dissolve the tablet on the tongue and enjoy the intimate close-ups – without barriers.

Oh My sweet Vagina.

Natural aroma and the taste of a woman’s vagina is rather sour. This is related to the pH of the skin. The deeper, the more intense. Usually referred to as a tart, and metal. Miraculin allow you to change the perceived taste sour to sweet. The electrifying effect is immediately after the consumption and takes up to two hours after consumption.

This miracle miraculin properties allow you to get rid of the barriers to intimate close-ups and the experience previously undiscovered areas and tastes of their sexuality. These moments are in the memory for a long time and are … priceless.

fruit will make your taster will not be able to break away from you.


Miraculin properties allow you to get rid of the barriers to intimate close-ups and the experience previously undiscovered areas and tastes of their sexuality. These moments are in the memory for a long time and are … priceless.